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Adobe pulls Lightroom and Photoshop, announcing it’s moving to a new platform

Adobe pulls Lightroom and Photoshop, announcing it’s moving to a new platform

Adobe has announced it will move to a cloud-based platform in 2018, a move that could potentially see Adobe losing its primary competitor in Photoshop.

The company’s blog post said Adobe would no longer support Photoshop as an open source platform, and instead will focus on using its own cloud-hosted version of the open source program. 

According to the blog post, Adobe will be transitioning its platform from Lightroom to Lightroom Cloud, with the platform’s developer community expected to be the ones who benefit.

Lightroom will remain available to developers on the web and desktop through Adobe’s paid version, but Lightroom itself will no longer be available to download. 

While the move does not directly affect Lightroom, Adobe’s move could potentially affect Adobe’s other cloud-only offering, Photoshop CS5, which was recently released on the Adobe website. 

“Lightroom CS5 will remain open source and available for everyone to download and use,” Adobe wrote in a statement.

“However, Adobe has determined that the platform has reached the end of its life cycle.

We will be moving Lightroom CS6, which is now available for purchase, to a free version.

We thank the Lightroom community for their continued support over the years and look forward to providing you with the Light Studio experience you’ve come to expect.”

The announcement comes less than two weeks after Adobe announced its acquisition of Adobe Photo Labs for $1 billion.

The company previously announced it would be buying the company for $400 million, and its acquisition could also be seen as the end for Lightroom as a free alternative to Adobe’s open source offering.

The announcement is a major shift in Adobe’s direction, which has traditionally been built on a free and open platform.

While Lightroom is no longer available to buy, Adobe plans to continue to sell the program to developers.

“In 2018, we will make the transition to a full-fledged cloud-focused version of Lightroom,” Adobe said.

“Lightroom Cloud will offer developers access to a fully integrated suite of products that includes the Adobe Camera RAW Suite, Adobe Lightroom RAW Suite Professional, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Lightroom CC, as well as Adobe Light Tools and Lightbox.”

A statement from Adobe also said the company plans to launch a new open source version of Photoshop in 2018.

The news comes on the heels of Adobe announcing it will be announcing its own standalone cloud-powered version of Adobe Photoshop.

The new platform is expected to come in the fall.

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