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Kendall Jenner has been caught using Photoshop to mock the Black Lives Matter movement

Kendall Jenner has been caught using Photoshop to mock the Black Lives Matter movement

Kendall Jenner is no stranger to controversy.

In June, the US Olympian made waves when she took to Instagram to mock Black Lives Matters activists and President Donald Trump.

But she also came under fire when she used Photoshop to spoof the Black Panthers and the Black Liberation Army.

Now, the 21-year-old has apologised for her actions and said she will stop using Photoshop in the future.

In a series of tweets, Jenner explained that she had used Photoshop in “a way that was a little bit disrespectful to BLM” and that she “loved the way I looked”.

However, she also admitted that she was “not proud of myself” and claimed that “this was a mistake”.

“I never intended to be disrespectful to Black people or BLM.

I thought it would be funny to mock them.

I am truly sorry,” she wrote.

In response to a question on Twitter about whether she would be using the same Photoshop again, Jenner said that she did not have any plans to “reboot” her Instagram account.

“I will be using my Instagram to communicate with people in a different way, and I will be very open about my past,” she said.

“Hopefully, I can share my history, my life, my love of art, my family, and my accomplishments and the lessons I learned through my journey with this organization.”

Jenner also said that “I think I have to do a little more thinking about what I say and how I say it”.

In her Instagram post, Jenner claimed that the Black Panther Party is “a group that really believes in Black power and justice”.

“Our black men are fighting for our freedom and their lives and their families,” she continued.

“This is a group that truly believes in equality and justice for all.”

She also defended herself against criticism that she used the term “Black Liberation Army” instead of the Black Power Movement.

“Black liberation army is a term used by many in BLM to denote the Black struggle,” she explained.

“It’s not an official term, but it’s used to describe the group of people who support the Black liberation movement and have their own ideas about the meaning of black liberation.”

The term ‘Black Liberation army’ is a word that I use a lot in my life and have used a lot of times, especially in my activism.

I use the word a lot when I’m doing my political work, so that’s why I’m not proud of it.

I just like using the word.

“Kendall Jenner’s Instagram post is no laughing matter for Black Lives movement #BlackLivesMatter activists.

Her actions were disrespectful to our brothers & sisters who are fighting to #SaveBlackLands.

pic.twitter.com/v6v9qDQ5hZ — Black Lives Movement (@BlackLIVESMatter) June 7, 2020 Kendall Jenner using Photoshop on Black Lives issue.

Black Liberation movement is a powerful term for the Black Struggle & people of color who are on the frontlines of that struggle.

“Her use of the term was offensive & dehumanising to Black women. “

She used Black Liberation army to mock a group of Black women who have been fighting for Black lives & who are actively challenging systemic racism & police brutality in the United States,” the BFTM said in a statement.

She should be ashamed of her disrespectful and dehumanising language. “

By using the ‘Black liberation Army’ term to mock BLM she was attempting to dehumanise & demean Black women, but she was not attempting to disrespect Black men.”

She should be ashamed of her disrespectful and dehumanising language.

The BFTN & BLM strongly condemn her actions & condemn the use of her name in this manner.

“Kendall’s actions have also come under fire from Black Lives United (BLU), an online group dedicated to promoting Black liberation.

In their statement, the group said that Kendall Jenner “was caught in a moment of opportunity when she made the wrong choice & took the wrong actions.

“We urge her to retract & apologize for this.

We know that her actions were never meant to be offensive.

She has the moral and legal right to use her artistic talents for her own purposes & her own benefit & we commend her for doing so.”

Kendall was not immediately available for comment.

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