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Kendall Jenner, Instagram’s new CEO, announces Instagram: A digital revolution in business

Kendall Jenner, Instagram’s new CEO, announces Instagram: A digital revolution in business

The image of the photo-sharing platform as a place where people exchange their images has long been one of its defining features.

But that’s not the case anymore.

The digital revolution Instagram is taking shape is one that, while not as revolutionary as its predecessors, will provide a lot of opportunities for Instagram’s businesses, its employees and its users.

“Instagram has always been about people sharing, but now it’s about people working together,” Jenner told Business Insider during an onstage presentation at the Future of Media conference.

“That’s why we are launching a new digital revolution for Instagram, which is why we want to hire 100,000 people to work on this.”

Instagram is already one of the fastest-growing platforms in the world, with a 30% growth in monthly active users, and Jenner said that the company has also been able to grow its staff significantly.

He noted that Instagram was founded on the principle of giving its users a place to share and receive their images and videos.

Instagram launched in 2004 with a very simple mission: To make it easier for people to share their own photos and videos with people they want to see.

But in the years since, the company, along with many other popular social networks, have focused on offering a wider range of content and services, including news, entertainment and sports.

Now, Jenner noted, Instagram is “taking the next step by being more powerful in content than it ever has been before.”

The company has seen tremendous growth in the past few years, as its business grew by more than 500% between 2011 and 2015.

The most recent quarter saw the company’s total revenue grow by almost 400% from 2014 to 2015, and the growth in 2017 has been even more remarkable.

Instagram’s revenue is up by about $50 million per quarter over the past five years, and it is now generating about half of its revenue from advertising.

But Jenner is optimistic about the future, saying that Instagram is on track to become the most popular news and entertainment platform in the US in the next two years.

While the growth is impressive, Jenners vision for Instagram is one of many changes coming for the company.

For one, Instagram will have to figure out a way to monetize the content its users share.

The company recently announced a partnership with digital ad giant AdRoll to enable advertisers to directly engage with users.

However, Jenney is optimistic that Instagram will soon have a better way to make money from the images and video it produces.

“It’s important to have a good product, so we’re building it with the right user experience,” he said.

“We’re building a platform that will be able to sell its content, and we’ll be able offer a better product that people will actually use.”

In an industry that has been increasingly dependent on advertising revenue, it’s possible that Instagram’s growth could be stunted.

Instagram recently raised $1 billion in Series A funding, but that investment was only partially used to expand its product.

And there is still a lot to be learned about the product, and how it can be used to make the most of its unique user experience.

Jenner told TechCrunch that the core of the company is still working to develop its app.

That includes improving the design of the app, which includes features like a photo-heavy interface, but also a new, more user-friendly experience.

The team is also working to improve its tools to allow advertisers to more easily create and sell branded content and images.

But one of Instagram’s most important features is that it allows people to create and share photos with people who share their interests, including celebrities and celebrities-in-the-making.

“When we’re making this change, we want Instagram to be the first platform for all kinds of people,” Jenners said.

Instagesthat is an example of what’s possible when you combine great design with great business models.

But the future of Instagram is far more exciting than that.

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