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“Photoshop Battles” – How a few Photoshop battles with a photoshop-savvy friend changed my life

“Photoshop Battles” – How a few Photoshop battles with a photoshop-savvy friend changed my life

A couple weeks ago, I saw a post about how a few friends of mine were using Photoshop to create the best photo of themselves in years.

It was the result of some intense work with a friend, and it was just the beginning.

I was intrigued.

I knew the process was pretty much the same for anyone, but for me, it felt like the perfect example of what I call “funny Photoshops.” 

I started to make fun of myself, and for a while I didn’t even care.

But then, one night, I was scrolling through my social media feeds and came across a post by the name of “Pete” from Instagram.

I thought to myself, “Oh my god!

This guy is actually awesome!” 

It was a good thing that the post was a photo of a friend and that I was actually using Photoshop.

Pete’s post was pretty simple, and even though it was his first post on Instagram, he had a solid understanding of the software.

He was an avid gamer, and his work was impressive.

After a few more rounds of editing, I had my first photoshopped photoshop battle.

After the battle, Pete posted a comment that really hit home for me. 

I was like, “Wow!

This is awesome!”

After the post went viral, I noticed a pattern of posts like that on his Instagram feed.

I also started seeing the comments on my posts on Twitter.

A few weeks later, I received a text from my friend asking if I was interested in getting a photo with her. 

I thought, “OK, I’m not going to do this, but I can definitely do this!”

The first thing I did was check to make sure that Pete was legit.

I clicked on his photo and was shocked to see that it was a Photoshop-smashed version of her.

I could not believe my eyes. 

My friend, who I had never met before, told me that she had just discovered my post and was really excited about it.

She said she was going to take a picture with me and that she was super excited about the results.

I thanked her for sending me her photo and told her to call me when she got back. 

The next day, I called her and told the story of the photoshopping process. 

She had no idea how to get a picture of herself, so she asked me to take the photo for her.

The photo was actually a Photoshop photoshop of her sitting on the subway platform. 

It was just a few seconds of a quick photoshop job, but it was pretty amazing and I got the best reaction I could have expected from a random stranger. 

This story has been shared on my Instagram and Twitter feeds a lot.

The response to it has been so amazing.

I got hundreds of messages from people thanking me for sharing my experience and saying they had been photoshoped. 

There have been a few other Photoshopped Photoshopping posts on my Facebook page, but these are the best. 

In my opinion, these are my favorite photoshoppers.

I am also a big fan of the Photoshop Battle Facebook page.

The page is filled with photoshoping battle photos from all over the world. 

These are the photoshop battles that I have had the most fun photoshophing, and there are many more photoshoppers out there.

I would love to see more people do photoshoptical battles.

I can only imagine how awesome these photoshop photoshop fights will be!

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