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When NFL players kneel during National Anthem: Is it disrespectful?

When NFL players kneel during National Anthem: Is it disrespectful?

NFL players have chosen to kneel for the national anthem during the anthem this season.

And the protest has been an effective tool to highlight the injustice faced by the Black community.

But this week, a group of athletes from around the league joined in, starting with Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Tyrone Crawford.

On Tuesday, Crawford tweeted, “I don’t know what the #NatlantaProtests are about, but the Black Lives Matter movement is more important than the #NFL.”

Crawford’s tweet comes as a group representing the Black Football League has joined in the protest, and the Dallas Cowboys have also signed onto the boycott.

“Black Lives Matter has proven to be a powerful and positive force in the fight for justice and equality,” Crawford said in a statement.

“I am honored to be part of the movement to make our voices heard and to show solidarity with those who are fighting for equality and justice.”

On Wednesday, Crawford’s teammate, linebacker Justin Durant, said the group will continue to participate in the protests.

“The protest is for all people,” Durant said.

“It’s for all of us who are tired of hearing the same story over and over and seeing our loved ones treated like criminals and not equal in any way.”

Curry’s tweet, Durant said, “shows how many people have stood up for us.”

He also tweeted that he was proud to be an NFL player, and added, “There is no excuse for what I am witnessing right now.”NFLPA spokesman Anthony Suraci called Crawford’s tweet a “big victory” for the players.

“There is an amazing level of unity across the league.

The players have demonstrated courage and class and a commitment to standing up for each other and their communities,” Suraci said.

Crawfish tweeted a link to his tweet Wednesday night.

It appears to be from an account that is registered to a Facebook user named Tyrone.

The account has not responded to a request for comment.

Curry was named the NFC Defensive Player of the Week on Tuesday, beating out safety J.J. Watt.

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