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Which skin tone is best for everyone?

Which skin tone is best for everyone?

A new skin tone analysis tool is looking at people’s skin tones in the hopes of finding the right skin tone for them.

The new tool, called the Face-Off, analyzes photos of people’s faces to determine which skin tones are best for them and then shows the results to users.

“We have a new tool that is looking for those rare skin tones that we’ve been missing, which are really beautiful, but are very difficult to see because of the way the skin looks,” says Dr. Michelle Sperling, associate professor at the University of Toronto and one of the co-authors of the new study.

“There are actually very few skin tones out there that are as complex as that of someone with a fair skin tone, and it makes you feel good.”

So what is a fair-skinned person?

There are five types of skin tones: fair, medium, dark, brown and dark brown.

“What we’re looking for is skin tone that’s fair, but not too fair.

So that’s a light skin tone,” says Sperring.

The Face-Out tool was developed in collaboration with the University Health Network and SkinMedicine.

“People that are naturally fair-haired or light-skinned have a much greater amount of skin in their face area than people with darker skin,” explains Spering.

“So for people with a very fair complexion, for example, if you have a fair complexion it might be a little bit more of a stretch for you, so it might look more like a dark brown or light brown, rather than a light fair complexion.”

“If you’re having trouble with your fair skin, that might mean that you’re looking at skin that’s not too light or dark or light,” explains co-author Dr. David Janson, an assistant professor at University Health Networks and a dermatologist at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

“That could be the case for people who have more fair skin.”

People with light skin, however, might have a higher proportion of their face covered by their hair than people who are more fair-faced.

“Light skin is also one of those things that can be quite visible, and if you’re trying to find a shade that’s really good for you then you need to be very careful in looking at those,” says Janson.

For more information on the Face Off tool, please visit www.faceoff.com.

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