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Why is there no official iPhone 5S release date?

Why is there no official iPhone 5S release date?

Posted November 22, 2018 07:25:23We’re just days away from the official release date of the iPhone 5s, which is slated to go on sale in a limited number of countries, including Canada.

The new iPhones come with an all-new design, a redesigned camera, a faster processor and an all new fingerprint scanner.

Here are a few things to know about the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S.


The iPhone 6 is a lot thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 8, so it should be easier to use with your hands.


Apple has made a number of design changes to the iPhone.

The phone is now thinner, lighter and thinner in every way.


The design of the new iPhone 6 has been influenced by the iPhone X, the iPhone 7 Plus and the new MacBook Pro, but the new design has its own unique style.


There’s no official word on when the iPhone’s new design will arrive in stores, but we should be seeing it on October 27th.


Apple is going to release a new version of its iOS software to make the iPhone even more efficient.

We’ll be able to use apps faster, browse and share more easily.


The most popular apps in the App Store will be updated to the latest versions of iOS 10.

This means you’ll be using apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pandora and more, all in the same place.

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